Give a gift. Be present.

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Gift Guide #8.........New Big Brother & Big Sister Gifts

Curated baby gift sets was how Gifted & Present was born - thoughtful welcomes to those bringing their first little one home and into their lives.

Then the babies grew - and before I knew it, baby #2 was on the way! I still love sending new baby gifts, but when there's a big sibling in the picture I always include something for them too. 

When choosing a new big brother or big sister gift, I start with a few overall rules...

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Gift Guide #7 - Gifts for Summer Hosts & Hostesses

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Gift Guide #6 - Foodie Gifts


A few years ago I stumbled across a Nutella popup offering to customize labels, and of course I couldn't resist. To this day these remain the only chocolate treats left unopened in the house! Of course I picked up some gift labels at the same time, because who can resist personalized food?

Which got me thinking recently when preparing a gift for a friend's 40th. Although food is consumable - here today, gone tomorrow - it's a fun and easy way to personalize a gift and pair it with...

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Gift Guide #5 - Mother's Day Gifts

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Gift Guide #4 - DIY Mother's Day Gifts

For Mother's Day, as with any gift, I love to give things I know Mom (or in this case - Grandma) will love - but I hate giving "off-the-rack". So as opposed to Prêt-á-Porter, if you will, I am happy to unveil the first in a series of blog posts I call "Prêt-á-Personnaliser" or "ready to personalize" gifts - the perfect combination of a gift you know the recipient will love but with a dash of personalization so they know it was given specifically with them in mind.

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Gift Guide #3 - Modern Heirlooms

One recurring theme you'll see in my gifting advice is how to turn "common" objects into a special memento to make the perfect gift (see here and here), and what you see above is another example. 

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Gift Guide #2.........Girls Weekend Gifts

It will be a quick one today as I am off to Miami for a girls' weekend. It's been in the works for what feels like forever, but we are finally here!

What I'm giving this week are welcome gifts. When traveling with friends, particularly when we are all coming from different places, I like to greet everyone with a token to celebrate what we'll be doing. In this case - trashy beach-reading magazines, self tanner, facial masks and lip gloss for everyone (in a Gifted & Present bag, of course!)

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Gift Guide #1 - BFF Gifts

As relationships grow and - let's face it - we all get older, coming up with gift ideas for best friends becomes harder vs. easier. Case-in-point some of my favorite excuses:

  • "They have everything!"
  • "I've used up all of my ideas over the last 15 years!"
  • "We know each other so well, there's nothing I can surprise her with!"

All of the above are valid - but what about something you can't buy? Let me tell you a story........

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How to Give a Gift

Giving a meaningful gift is not always easy; even more difficult is coming up with an idea at the last minute (which, lets face it, happens more than we would like). I used to find the process frustrating instead enjoyable, as it should be - until I adopted a simple gifting mantra to make my life easier.

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Welcome to Gift Giving Made Easy!


"Because from near or far, the right gift keeps on giving long after it's opened."

I love giving thoughtful gifts to friends & family, but giving to those who live far away was a challenge. There was never the time to curate a meaningful gift set, wrap and ship it - I knew there had to be a better way! The final straw was when I sent a baby gift so late the recipient had grown out of it - and from that experience Gifted & Present was born!

But the impetus behind G&P is twofold......

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